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Who is Onwards Learning?


We build web and mobile platforms & marketplaces for the international education sector in Asia.  

Students use our online services to evaluate their education and study-abroad decisions, as well as to advance their international English studies, skills and qualifications.

Universities, colleges and education agencies use our online services to connect with their key audiences and to meet their international student engagement, enrollment and orientation requirements.  


Highlights of Our Platforms and Services for the International Education Sector:

Social CRM for Student Enrolment

Demand in Asia is for the highest standards and the best outcomes attainable through international education. In a disrupting and global educational services sector, leading universities and colleges now seek the online channels to support their student engagement, recruitment and orientation. Our LearnOnCampus web and mobile social network and enrolment marketing platform provides Higher Level Institutions (HEIs) with a content management system, social network functionality, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics.

Mobile Services and Campus Ecosystems

Students now manage their daily lives as well as most personal and service provider relationships through their mobile devices. Educational providers everywhere must now adapt their admin structures and commercial programmes in the resulting virtual campus environment. Their online education connectivity extends from enterprise cloud services, through social network services and mobile apps for stakeholders, to where there is local connectivity on-campus. Onwards Learning has a full array of IT consultancy services and a modular technology ecosystem to support international HEI’s business needs.

Content, Apps and Tools Online

English language continues to dominate the global-wide education market. Established brands, innovative resources and new techniques in areas that include self-paced, collaborative and tutor-led English language acquisition populate the LearnOnEnglish online marketplace. We aggregate a wide range of commercial high-value courseware, webapps, assessment resources and online tutoring services. Our social language learning network with its built-in AppStore, supports webapp delivery by our content partners in real time to help advance the student experience and achieve better qualification-based learning outcomes.

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What Our Partners and Clients Say About Us

Onwards Learning is an exciting and smart IT specialist firm connecting international universities and colleges with commercial opportunities in China’s fast-changing online educational services market.
FA Zhang, Cernet has great potential to help adult language students in Asia achieve their ‘English For Purpose’ career learning goals.
Jonathan Dykes, Net Languages
Meaningful online social engagement from an early point between an institution and its future customers has become a key part in the student pathway planning process. We are encouraged by firms such as Onwards Learning and their understanding of how this can be achieved using technology.
Zhou Xian, Chinese Vocational Adult Education (CVAE)
We are hugely supportive of Onwards Learning and its concept of a curated marketplace for digital English e-learning apps, services and content.
Paul Maglione, English-Attack
In Asia, where student demand for internationally ranked universities is scaling, ‘knowledge-based’ social networks such as LearnOnCampus with accurate and verifiable data, facts and commentary for study abroad decisions has become essential.
Darren McDermott, International Ed. Dev. Consultant