A web and mobile platform for international universities and colleges to find, engage, recruit and advise students online in Asia.










[tagline_box title=”LearnOnCampus provides the international offices in universities and colleges with a platform on web and mobile to share information and engage with key audiences, interact online with students planning to study abroad, as well as to distribute information to their recruitment agency networks in Asia.” description=”A social knowledge network and sharing community on mobile and web for students in Asia to collaborate and compile information when making the best decisions about studying anywhere in the world.“][/tagline_box]

Problems Solved by the LearnOnCampus.com Social CRM Platform 

Students throughout Asia now demand online social networks and channels that directly connect them with accurate, up to the minute information for planning to study abroad at international universities and colleges, and for the use of ancillary education service providers including travel, finance and accommodation.

A student and their parents, school advisers/mentors, alumni and in-country recruiting partner agencies all seek information, regular updates and sector data such as rankings so to inform their activities, opinions and choices.

An online content distribution network with targeted information for each of these specific audiences that can be simultaneously managed in real time over the web and on all mobile devices is needed. One that offers social sharing functionality, and also delivers recruitment marketing and community engagement features for each university’s commercial outreach strategy and enrollment programmes.

Now there is.

LearnOnCampus operates as a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) for interactive communications between any educational service organisation and its target audiences in Asia using any popular web browser and as native mobile apps on Android and Apple iOS.

An educational provider from anywhere in the world can engage, recruit and advise Asian students evaluating their study-abroad options through LearnOnCampus or, alternatively, simply use it to deliver sales & marketing support, as well as training and communications, to its student recruitment agency network. LearnOnCampus provides a university’s international offices with a powerful business tool for social network CRM (Customer Relationship Management) accessible on any internet-connected device through a secure subscription-based CMS (Content Management System) dashboard.

LearnOnCampus is currently in private beta and available for evaluation by universities, colleges and all types of study-abroad agencies in services such as education finance, accommodation and travel.

For more information or to discuss your organisation becoming a subscriber of LearnOnCampus, please get in touch with Carlo Crighton (carlo@) at onwardslearning.com