An online destination for social language acquisition. Study, collaborate and assess yourself in English through world beating e-Learning product and service experiences with people just like you.



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The world's best English language e-Learning software apps, courseware content, learning path environments, assessment and accreditation resources. All in one online community.

An English social language e-Learning network and a collaborative sharing community platform, combined with an aggregated content, apps and services marketplace.

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Why is LearnOnEnglish different? Other language learning websites try to sell you their own apps, software, content, and teaching services.

But all the research shows people successfully improve their language skills and achieve fluency by using a wide range of different tools and resources over time.

So at LearnOnEnglish we give everyone easy and affordable access to the best language learning products and services from around the world. You choose which ones to use and when.

And we give them to you in a social network environment where you can share your experiences and feedback, as well as study together with other language learners.

We call this the pursuit of language learning democracy.


Benefits to our Stakeholders of

Our Content Partners - Developers and Publishers
Low-to-zero costs in customer acquisition; Extensive and subsidised co-marketing and promotional programmes and targeted large scale sales initiatives via our organisational clients; Cross, co- and up-selling opportunites; Sales and profit margins protected; Strong customer loyalty and retention potential.
Our Organisational Clients - Colleges, Government Public Bodies, Businesses
Ubiquitious access to the most innovative and effective digital English e-Learning resources; Availability of a comprehesive range of all language teaching methodologies and systems from a single location; Student assessment and accreditation modules alongside e-learning apps for effective learning management, career progression and formal achievement by adult students; Courseware and resources in General Basic-to-Advanced English, Business English and in English For Purpose (to fulfill career development and job skills) in target Sectors/Industries.
Our Affiliate Communities - Tutors, Advertisers, Offline Service Providers
Large scale, highly targetable audience profiles; Motivated and non-passive English language e-Learning student behaviour in a well designed, navigable social network environment; Subscriber data capture, tracking and statistical reporting; Payment-based subscriber business model.

Some of the Key Features of

  • Internationally approved external standards and compliance in assessment and certification.

  • World leading ELL (English Language Learning) brands aggregated to offer the full range of apps, tools and courseware sought by online language students.

  • Tiered service and support levels with a user design and experience that is backed by learning path guidance and navigation, social engagement features, peer interaction and rating systems.

  • Best practice pedagogical methodology and structured modular learning paths to deliver quantifiable learning outcomes.

  • Integration with public social network services and private enterprise/collaborative platforms.



Problems Solved by the Marketplace and Social Language eLearning Platform 

Everyone tells you how easy it is to learn English……their way.

And every time you try a new approach, you find more difficulties and obstacles, than you do solutions. All the while wasting time and money.

The truth is the more you learn a language, the more there is to learn about language learning. Everyone studies languages differently. But what really works best for you and you alone?

What if there was one place online where you could choose from amongst the world’s best language elearning software, content and services. Where you could not only try before you buy an app or course, but find out what everyone else throughout a dedicated online community thought of it too. Where you could learn with and from others, or find tutors and study groups. A place where you can collaborate to improve your fluency using only those resources rated best by your language elearning social circles.

A social network where you can see and hear real life experiences, opinions and feedback of similar language learners who have the same fluency challenges and goals.

An apps and software marketplace where you can select from amongst the most popular and the most innovative language learning resources and techniques available. A place where you can get access to the best reviewed and qualified teaching services and expertise suited to your language level or requirements.

So that over time you can build your own customised, personal language elearning programme with the resources, social groups and sharing community that works best for you.

You could study and learn your way, collaborate and get tutored your way, get assessed and gain credentials your way. And, finally, achieve your language proficiency goals and become fluent – your way.

Now there is.

LearnOnEnglish is a marketplace and a social network that has been built to provide all the leading digital English language e-learning & teaching resources from around the world for adult student achievement. So you can choose what products and services that work best for you, as rated by others, and collaborate in your studies to become fluent in a language.

…welcome to language learning democracy.